My friend and almost family, Clayton Jordan, found a complete set of Lawn Darts (a.k.a. "Jarts") at a yard sale last week. For those of you who are perhaps too young to remember, the sale of this "toy" was banned in 1989 since they were proven to be potentially lethal. In fact, there were three confirmed fatalities between 1970 and 1988. The number of fatalities would definitely be greater if they included pets, many of which also suffered the wrath of some errant darts.

So why in the world would anyone still want to play with something so dangerous? Because they're fun. I know I will get some negative responses thrown my way on this one, but just to ease your mind you can be sure that we will be playing on private property with no kids or animals nearby. Just a couple of guys with four lawn darts and a case of beer. What could possibly go wrong?