If you live in or have driven through Great Falls recently, you may have seen this billboard. There are three of them in the city, but what do they mean? I reached out to the man behind Akidak to find out what it means, and why he had the billboards created.

Meet Matt Brewer, creator of the game.

Matt Brewer created the Akidak game, a photo scavenger hunt designed to take people on a tour of his hometown of Great Falls.

"I really want my game to be shared just so that there can be a little bit of positivity in the world," Brewer said.

The three billboards are located in such a way to allow you to triangulate a position in between them all, which Brewer encourages players to try and find. According to the game's website, you have to travel around Great Falls, take photos of specific places, and tag them with the hashtag #akidak. Other than that, there are only three rules; be safe, be lawful, and be kind.

That's great, but what in the world does Akidak mean?

It seems like a random name, and according to Brewer, it's just an acronym that he made up while in Alaska trying to find produce.

"I thought, 'What if I sent a big rig from AK to ID and back to AK and tried selling premium potatoes in Alaska?' It would be called AKIDAK," Brewer said.

Brewer never did end up selling potatoes in Alaska, but he had the web domain for a long time and figured he'd finally use it to try and spread his game.

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Hopefully, Brewer's goal of spreading positivity will be met, and a smile is put on someone's face. If you're in Great Falls and you'd like to play Akidak, you can find the list of rules at the website here. Maybe you'll be able to find the secret location.

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