I consider myself a very moderate to less than moderate guitar player. I have been playing in bands for 45 years. I've given up the bar/road scene for Sunday at church in the praise band. What drives me nuts is that I want to own more guitars. Going into the thought process is just like anything else.  "I want the latest computer or cell phone," or  "I need this new vehicle because it has the latest whatever."  I always want to get a new or classic guitar...'59 ES 335, '64 Strat, '40's Martin acoustic. The mindset is the same.  I get these guitars hoping I will sound better.  All of the guitars in this picture are mine, but they don't make me sound any better.  At the end of the day, it is more fun to hold the classic guitars knowing that I'm a moderate to less than moderate guitar player.  It's one of those things where you can look at them on a lazy day and say, okay, I'll play the Ovation or G&L or Telecaster.  It's just for me anyway.  Don't be afraid to buy what makes your soul happy.

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