On Monday, a story in the U.K.’s Daily Record claimed Axl Rose contacted a model agency to hire 20 women to fill the front row of Friday’s Guns N’ Roses concert in Glasgow. It’s a claim the band is now denying. Guitarist Bumblefoot says if the women show up in the crowd and backstage, he’s not going to complain, but it wasn’t the band that requested them.

“I have nothing against the models,” he says, according to Classic Rock Magazine. “They were offered a fun night out and they deserve equal treatment from the band that any person at the show should get. But the band did not request it. This stuff comes from other people that are offering a good time by whatever means they have — and that’s fine.”

While it’s not clear who hired the models, it does seem clear they’ll be there. The Daily Record spoke to several of the beauties — ranging in age from 19 to 23 — who will be attending. Layla Ferguson says she’s excited to meet the band.

“I don’t know much about them really — my mum and dad are more into them — but I’ll listen to their songs before Friday,” she says,

Bumblefoot adds that he’s speaking out on behalf of the band’s families and their fans who may feel disrespected by the perceived V.I.P. treatment. “A lot of fans feel that access is being granted to people who haven’t earned it,” he says. “By that I mean standing loyally by the band for years, buying a ticket, waiting on sore feet for hours and hours, cheering until they have no voice left, staying to the end and trying to find a way home after public transport has been shut down. And doing it again the next time we’re in town.”

The Daily Record says similar requests have been made for other shows on Guns N’ Roses tour of the U.K., which wraps up after two shows at the O2 Arena in London.

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