Surely, I am not the only parent who has had intimate time with their spouse interrupted by one of the kids. We have a 3-year-old who still sleeps in our room in her little bed in the corner. I'd love to get her moved into her big sister's room, but we're still working on that. Before you bash me about her being plenty old enough to sleep in her own room (or with a sibling), I'll disclose that she was born with some medical issues and we are a little behind schedule on normal toddler milestones.

That said... while trying to be as quiet as possible this morning, my wife and I were abruptly interrupted by the kid, who had woken up and was sitting in her bed getting an eyeful. And she did not appreciate the scenario. At. All. She throws a fit even just seeing me and my wife hugging or kissing goodbye in the morning.

Worried that perhaps we've scarred her for life, I poked around the internet a little and found some relieving advice. They say if the kid who witnessed your steamy activities is preschool age and under, they probably won't remember what they've seen or understand at all what is even going on. experts state:

“Most 3- and 4-year-olds won’t have a clue, even if they do see something,” he adds. Thankfully, that means parents usually can let themselves off the hook with a simple “Mommy and Daddy were hugging, because we love each other” response for tots and very young children.

We tried telling our toddler those lines, and she wasn't having it. Time to kick up the schedule on getting her out of our room, I guess. Has one of your kids ever walked in on you? Or (maybe even worse) did you ever walk in on your parents doing the dirty deed? Let's hear about it in the Comments.

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