And, here I go with the stuff in the Headlines today;

  • Trump threatens to shut down NBC and other networks that criticize him
  • Steve Bannon tells Sen. Bob Corker to resign for insulting Trump
  • Columbus Day vs Indigenous Day
  • Alabama GOP Senate candidate says sons arrest is a "cheap political trick"
  • Cowboys Players meet to discuss Jerry Jones' anthem comments
  • Hillary Clinton upset that director Harvey Weinstein abused women

My fear has come true!  The world is being run by former 8 year old kids who didn't grow up.  The one thing I've learned over the years is responsibility.  Nobody is perfect and when you make a mistake you own up to it.  That is just common sense.  After looking at today's headlines I'm convinced that many people have not grown up!

  • Mr. President, you can't shut down the networks.
  • Mr. Bannon, Corker won't resign, get back to work
  • I'm waiting for my Heritage day (Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Wales, Scotland,Native American, English,)
  • GOP senate candidate, your son was arrested for breaking the law, deal with it
  • Cowboys Players, you work for Mr. Jones, go play for the Browns, they need help
  • Hillary, really?  Really?  Now that's just funny.  And His wife has left him.

Think I'll go rake leaves, keep the TV off and enjoy my life

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