Every year I fly out to San Francisco for Fleet Week during the "Columbus Day" holiday.  My sister lives there just off of the bay.  She likes to put on a party for friends and every year I come out to help with the party on her roof deck and enjoy the fly by of the various aircraft.  The picture shows just part of the awesome airshow.  These pilots fly right over this roof top of my sisters home and shake the ground so hard the car alarms will go off in the neighborhood.  This picture is obviously a fly by in the bay by the San Francisco Bridge.  They would then circle around Alcatraz and come by our home. This past weekend, over a million San Francisco Bay Area residents, flocked to the city’s waterfront to watch the impressive airshows staged by the Blue Angels, the US Navy’s flight demonstration squadron that comprises aviators from both the Navy and the Marines. They were not disappointed. The six expert fighter pilots, who spent hundreds of hours practicing the routines before the public show, began with maneuvers that were far apart. Once warmed up, they started flying in perfect formations and at various points during the airshow, were a mere 18 inches apart! In addition to the Blue Angels, visitors were also treated to air show performances by Leap Frogs, Air Force F16, the Canadian Snowbirds and even United Airlines!  I would tell you that if you haven't been to an air show like this, go!  I have been going every year for about 10+ years and still get chills as they fly over so low, you can see the pilot.  The precision when they fly in formation is absolutely amazing.

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