Every year I go to my sister's beautiful home in San Fran for Fleet week.  It is when the Navy brings their ships into the bay and there is a huge airshow.  My excuse is to help with the big party she throws.  The Blue Angels and others fly not only from what you see from her house (that is Alcatraz) but they also fly directly over her rooftop so low you can see the pilots. This particular picture was taken Friday evening as my wife is looking out her living room window.

On Sunday morning, we flew back to Montana, but I thought I would go up on her roof for a little quiet time after the big weekend. Her deck can hold about 75 people so it is solid, but on Sunday morning it was just me when I felt it move slightly.  I told my wife but didn't really think about it. On Monday they had a 4.5+ earthquake.  No one was hurt and nothing was damaged, but I look back now and wonder if I felt the first tremors of what was to come. Glad to be on solid ground, not below the rims or anything else that can fall.  Yes, I will be back next year as usual.

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