Earthquake in Montana
That main shock was followed by a series of aftershocks, including a preliminary magnitude-3.5 quake.
Powerful 7.5-Magnitude Quake Hits Southern Ecuador
A very powerful magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck southern Ecuador in the early hours of Friday close to the country's border with Peru, although no immediate reports of possible casualties or damage were available.
Earthquakes Hit Western Montana
The U.S. Geological Survey says a 3.9 magnitude quake hit near Lincoln at around 10 a.m. Sunday followed by three smaller quakes over about a half hour.
Somebody Doesn't Like Lincoln, MT
On July 6th of this year the strongest earthquake in decades in Montana hit the Lincoln area and was recorded as a 5.8 magnitude. Yesterday to more small earthquakes hit the same general area. 2:44 am was a 3.5 magnitude and 3:30 am a 2...
Montana Earthquake
Yes, we had an earthquake in Montana just after midnight.  Here are the particulars:  It was a 5.8 magnitude and originated 7 miles south-southeast of Lincoln.  It caused a power outage in the Lincoln area and at least one gas leak was reported according to the Lewis and Clark Co…
Volcano! Is it Possible?
There was an earthquake Thursday in Yellowstone Park mesuring 4.5. That in itself is not unusual.  Yellowstone is located in a seismic active zone.  But, it always gets the curious mind going about the possible "Big One".  Researchers with The United States Geologica…
Sam’s Do You Remember?
This is something that we will do from time to time and we will call it Sam's do you remember. While searching the web sometimes I come across tunes that probably most of us havent ever heard. If I think the song or the artist is worthy then you will have a chance to hear it too...