Julien Grondin

There was an earthquake Thursday in Yellowstone Park mesuring 4.5. That in itself is not unusual.  Yellowstone is located in a seismic active zone.  But, it always gets the curious mind going about the possible "Big One".  Researchers with The United States Geological Survey (USGS) say that the last time the volcano erupted was some 640,000 years ago.

Seismologists think that one day there will be a strong earthquake, like the one in 1959 that measured 7.3.  Now the doom and gloom part.  (according to expert guessers).  Large amounts of ash and pulverized rock would shoot into the atmosphere and fall back to earth.  The ash and other materials would stay in the atmosphere, blocking out the sun, causing global temeratures to lower.  The volcanic eruption at Yellowstone would cover cities across the country with ash and shut down air travel and communications.

Now back to reality.  Is the volcano going to blow in our lifetime?  Who knows?  But, as a public service, I've offered you a link to the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory so you can monitor the situation on your free time. (Click HERE)

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