It's not likely to have caused any real damage, but there was a larger than normal earthquake that was felt near Grand Teton National Park today.

The USGS is reporting that a 3.6 magnitude quake was centered just to the southeast of Grand Teton this morning.


We see earthquakes in the 1 to 2 range near Grand Teton and Yellowstone all the time. A quake that is actually felt that is above 3 is not seen often.

As the earthquake scale goes, this isn't even close to major. A 3.6 can easily be felt but only does minor damage even when located near a populated area. Other than a few cabins and park buildings, this quake probably didn't even wake the bears up.

Most of the time quakes like this in Wyoming are just odd anomalies and aren't a precedent for anything major. However, we do live in one of the most seismically active parts of America that has seen magnitude 7 quakes and higher back in 1959 at Hebgen Lake in Yellowstone so it's worth paying attention to new activity there.

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