Thanks to the proliferation of cameras in the pocket of every man, woman and child in America, we get to enjoy watching videos of tourists doing dumb things around wildlife in our national parks. These encounters usually occur in Yellowstone, but you'll also find tourist stupidity in Glacier National Park and Grand Teton National Park. I know... I probably shouldn't get satisfaction from watching people get gored or seriously injured, but it's morbidly fascinating to watch. Admit it, you probably watch those videos too.

NBC Montana shared a video clip on their social media account of a recent grizzly bear encounter in Grand Teton. In the roughly one-minute clip, you can see how it's supposed to work when you come across a bear in a park. Hats off to this group for being respectful of the rules and the bears. By the way, the momma Grizzly shown in the clip is pretty famous, she's known as "Bear 399."

Credit: NBC Montana, screen grab via Facebook

Notice how everyone is staying back at least 100 feet, the recommended distance for bears in the parks? Nobody is rushing up for a selfie, nor are they screaming or yelling at the bears in an attempt to get their attention.

The National Park Service got cute with reminders on how to approach bison.

Last year, the NPS released this funny infographic on where it's safe to pet a bison.


As you can see... nowhere.  Each year lots of tourists forget that they are dealing with wild animals and they do really stupid things trying to get that perfect Instagram pic. Usually with a bison. They look so big and cuddly, don't they? Us Montanans know better.  Those big beasts can run a LOT faster than you.

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Tips from the Park Service recommends staying at least 100 yards away from bear and wolves and 25 yards for all other animals. They say that if your actions cause an animal to move, you are too close.  Common sense, I know.

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