Nothing says Montana like golfing in a pasture, especially for a great cause.

Golf can be a challenging sport. Even the pro’s occasionally drop an errant shot into the water. Not as often as you and I, but still, it’s a tough game. Playing on perfectly manicured greens with smooth, rolling fairways is something most golfers take for granted. You’ll appreciate those groomed courses after you participate in the Chase Hawks Pasture Golf Tournament, June 26th. 


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You’ll be playing where I usually am... in the rough.  

Pasture Golf is played on 9 creatively-rustic holes at Billings Trap Club, located up the hill from Lake Elmo. You won’t have to worry about leaving a divot in the hard-packed, clay soil. And who knows where your drive will bounce on one of those rocks? It’s all for fun and for a great cause. Named holes include:

  • Piggy Mud Hole
  • Saddle Up Hole
  • Skeet Trap Hole
  • Beer Can Hole
  • Others to-be-announced
Courtesy: Chase Hawks, used with permission

3 Person Teams with 9:30 am and 1:30 pm Shotgun Starts

The $120 entry fee includes lunch, Survival KIT and the most fun you can have in a pasture on a Saturday in Montana. Each golfer gets one club, so plan accordingly. There is a bbq at noon, tee prizes and flag prizes. Enjoy cold beers and “Pasture Juice” on the course, served from CowBoys Restaurant Bar & Casino. The bar is also hosting a post-round party.

Courtesy: Chase Hawks, used with permission

Chase Hawks is awesome.

The Chase Hawks Memorial Association has been doing really cool things for families in crisis for decades, oftentimes filling in the gaps for immediate needs. Their statement reads, in part,

Chase Hawks Memorial Association has become a viable source of help for families in crisis that have needs which are not addressed by larger charities or insurance because of immediacy or circumstances. Many of our requests for assistance come from other charities or agencies that recognize a family in crisis, but are unable to help because of fiscal, geographic, or time constraints imposed by their own criteria or regulations. 

They've helped so many local families in difficult times.

Courtesy: Chase Hawk, used with permission
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Register your team by calling 406-671-4007 today.

Your participation in Pasture Golf will help the Chase Hawks Memorial Association continue to serve the needs of Montana families, when they need it the most. Find out more about Chase Hawks HERE.

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