The Masters Golf
Am I getting that old that I can remember watching Arnold, Jack and Gary actually playing in the 60's and 70's?
State of the Union Speech
The ongoing news that is negative has reached a laughable point. Here is the latest one today. Here is the latest from a Norwegian golfer, just "in time" today.
O.J. is a Free Man
O.J. Simpson will be a free man when he walks out of the Lovelock Correctional Facility by October 1st.  He has spent the last nine years after his conviction on a range of charges arising from a 2007 robbery.  It is being reported that he will move to Florida...
5 Reasons Not to Miss Pub Golf
Have you signed up your team for Halloween pub golf yet?  Don't feel any pressure to dress up.  But it does make it a lot more fun.  The best costumes last year were the homemade ones.  The ones that people seemed to pair with their personality...

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