Before we get started on today's story, I've got to tell you my struggle when spelling weiner wiener. The whole "I" before "E" thing, I know... but I've had to correct myself a dozen times already today. W-I-E-N-E-R. There... I think I've got it. That's probably why most people call them hotdogs instead of wieners. Nobody can remember how to spell wiener correctly.

Nostalgia and wacky cars are a perfect combination

You've got to hand it to the Oscar Mayer company when it comes to marketing and branding. If you're Generation X or older you probably still know every word to their famous wiener jingle that was launched in 1963. The company stopped using it in 2010, according to this interesting story about the man who wrote the jingle. And of course, who can forget the follow-up hit, "My bologna has a first name..." 🎶 that came out in 1973?

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Credit: Oscar Mayer/Kraft/Google
Credit: Oscar Mayer/Google

There is more than one Wienermobile.

There are actually six oversized Oscar Mayer frankfurter vehicles on the road. According to the official Wienermobile Fact Sheet, various models have been introduced and retired over the years. The current fleet is likely made up of 2004 or newer models that have 300 horsepower Chevy Vortex motors and feature creature comforts like GPS navigation and audiovisual systems.

My buddy Chuck spotted a Wienermobile this morning (8/31) at Billings Logan International Airport. He said, "a guy was driving and two people got off a plane and jumped in it with him."  The Wienermobile will be in the Burn the Point Parade on Friday night, starting at 6 pm. I believe it will also be making an appearance at the car show at MetraPark. I reached out to the Wienermobile Coordinator to see if they have any other public appearances in Billings during their visit and have not received a response at this time. If you spot the funky, fun, giant wiener car somewhere around town, please send us a pic on the Mobile App. Just don't call it a wiener pic.

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