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Normally, a one-iron brand is a pretty hot commodity in its own right. Before the auction, Rick Young told us that a one-iron brand can fetch anywhere from $10,000-$15,000. But we knew this specific brand would get even more attention once it hit the auction in Joliet, Montana.

That historic heart-shaped cattle brand that we told you about back on November 5th sold over the weekend for $36,000 in Joliet, Montana.

Absarokee auctioneer Rick Young tells us it was an awesome auction:

We guessed maybe it would bring $10,000.00. Very active bidding right up to $25,000.00. 6 phone bidders, and at least that many live at the auction . When we started , it took right off and went to $ 15,000 very quickly.

Now for the good news. The brand was purchased by a Montana buyer.

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