We've seen tons of pictures of Dwayne Johnson as the legendary hero from director Brett Ratner's 'Hercules,' but now you can see the action star in, well, action! In this new clip from the upcoming film, see Johnson's Hercules in his fabled lion's hood (which does look pretty badass, we gotta say) preparing to take on a whole army of bad guys. 

The clip comes courtesy of MTV and features Johnson as the man, the myth, the legend, coming upon a trap set for him by his foes, led by Joseph Fiennes. (Insert "It's a trap!" jokes here.) We also get a glimpse of co-star John Hurt -- and a bunch of bald, tattooed baddies, but they shouldn't be a problem for old Hercules. Herc is old in this movie, which takes place several years after his original legend when he gave up his journey and just wanted to settle down and be a normal guy with giant muscles. But the first rule of being a badass is that as soon as you announce your retirement, all hell breaks loose.

'Hercules' also stars Ian McShane ('Deadwood' fans, that's what's up) and Rufus Sewell, and hits theaters on July 25. Say what you will about Brett Ratner, but you can't mess with The Rock in a lion hood!

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