When should you start having your sprinklers blown out in Billings?

I heard a conversation riding down the Billings Doubletree Hotel elevator today between a married couple discussing when to blow out their sprinklers.

The wife was ready to set up an appointment with their lawn care company, but the husband said they could wait to winterize until late October or early November.

And that reminded me to get an appointment set up before the first hard freeze hits. But when will that be? Waiting until early November seemed a little risky to me.

When will the first frost and hard freeze be in Billings?

The National Weather Service has its predictions of when the first fall frost and freeze will likely occur in Billings and other communities around Yellowstone County.

There's a 90 percent probability of the first frost in Billings happening by October 12, and the same chance of the first front in Red Lodge by next week (9/22), according to the N.W.S.

A first freeze is when the temperature gets to 32 degrees, and the National Weather Service gives Billings a 90 percent chance to hit that low by October 21.

The first hard freeze in Billings is likely to be by Halloween

There's a 90 percent chance of a hard freeze happening in Billings by October 31, which is when the temperature drops to 28 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

Credit: NWS
Credit: NWS

When will Billings have cooler, fall-like temperatures

While this upcoming weekend may be mild, there are still several days of in the latest forecast with highs in the 80's.

On Friday (9/16), showers and thunderstorms are likely for Billings, with a high in the lower 70's. Saturday will be mostly sunny with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms and a high in the upper 70's. Sunday and Monday are expected to be sunny with highs back into the 80's.

By Tuesday, we have another chance of rain with a high in the lower 70's. Then by Wednesday of next week the high is expected only to be in the upper 50's and a low in the upper 30's on Wedneday night, according to the National Weather Service.

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