"Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh no, I ain't messin with you. Oh no."

This is the laugh we all need right now. Plus, if we're looking for a guy to be the face of Yellowstone National Park's "Don't Pet the Bison" public service announcement- Deion Broxton with NBC Montana is the man.

Check out the video below as KTVM-TV reporter Deion Broxton says a herd of bison was walking right towards him.

Within the first hour of posting the above tweet, the NBC Montana reporter already had nearly 50,000 likes on Twitter. Shortly before 8pm Wednesday night he's nearing 150,000.

The reactions on Twitter are also hilarious.

Twitter user Corey Richardson said, "Saving this for the next time some white people invite me to do some outdoorsy sh*t."

Twitter user C-Recks said, "When I see someone cough in the grocery store..."

Twitter user Keep Calm and Drawl added, "People laugh, but Bison in person are WAAAAAY huger than people think they are."

The You Tubers are starting to have some fun with it as well. Check out some of the "Deion Broxton Reacts" YouTube videos below:






Was this just a hilarious take cut all in good fun? Or, did Broxton actually get approached by the herd?

Later in the day, he posted this video of the bison:

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