It's like a Hollywood movie has hit reality in Billings.  A Wyoming man is in custody after Billings police say he led them on a 50-minute pursuit around the city that included 10 crime scenes and involved five stolen vehicles, three law enforcement agencies, occasional gunfire and a lot of property damage.

Police Chief Rich St. John said Tuesday it is amazing that no one was hurt or killed during the incident, including the suspect, Ryan McElmury of Cody, Wyoming.

McElmury is being held in the Yellowstone County jail.

Officers responded to a business break-in just after 10 p.m. Monday and encountered two men, St. John said. One surrendered and the other, believed to be McElmury, fled on foot.

The suspect broke into buildings and houses, demanded keys and carjacked two vehicles at gunpoint. With officers pursuing him, he was able to find two vehicles with keys in them.

Officers twice fired shots at him, once when he was reportedly driving the first stolen vehicle toward an officer and again shortly before he surrendered when he drove toward officers a second time.

Two police officers, a sheriff's deputy and a Montana Highway Patrol officer are on paid administrative leave while the shootings are investigated.

Business windows were shot out, a picture window at a house that was broken, several fences were driven through, two occupied mobile homes were hit by gunfire, other vehicles were damaged and at least one garage door that he backed through.  If this doesn't sound like a Hollywood movie I don't know what does.

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