If you grew up in the late 70s or early 80s and had even a hint of interest in motorcycles, your first motorized two-wheeler experience was quite likely on a Honda Trail 90 or it's bigger, slightly sportier brother, the Trail 110. It's style was more moped than serious motorcycle and with it's low seat height, light weight, low gearing and minimal power, it was a perfect little scooter for a kid to learn the basics of motorcycling.

Credit: Honda

Original models in good shape have become somewhat rare finds. Finding one with low miles and running condition can be tough and when you do, sellers are likely getting top dollar. A quick search on MotorcycleGraph.com shows a number of old Trail 125's that were sold with asking prices anywhere from $1,700 to $3,500. I couldn't find an original MSRP anywhere on the 'net, but I'm guessing it wasn't more than that off the Honda dealers showroom floor. Many of the bikes were snapped up by farmers and ranchers who used the durable little motorcycles on the farm. That's where I encountered my first Honda Trail bike.

Credit: Honda

Honda recently announced they are bringing back the Trail 125 to the United States. Perhaps it's an attempt to cash in on nostalgia, or maybe their market research shows that buyers are still interested in smallish, reliable motorcycles that can handle medium "off road" trail use, get 40+ mpg (a guess) and are a kick to ride. The 2021 Honda Trail 125 is now available for pre-order on Honda's website.

I reached out to Montana Honda and Marine and the salesman I spoke with said if I would like to order one, I would be "fifth on the list." He didn't know exactly when they are expected to arrive in showrooms and added that they've experienced a number of delays with inventory and parts this year, due to COVID-19 impacting delivery dates.

With an MSRP of $3,899, would you be interested in tossing a 2021 Trail 125 in the bed of your pickup or on the back of your camper?

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