Halloween is on its way, and parties are bound to pop up. The only problem is that you don't have a costume. You could throw on a dirty old bedsheet, cut a few holes in it and tell people you're a beige ghost. Or you could actually be clever and in-tune with what's happening and hip (as the kids say) by going as viral video star the honey badger.

Sure, putting together a costume of such a fearsome sounding creature sounds like you'll be sitting at a sewing machine all night trying to un-sew the sleeve of your shirt out of your costume, but it's actually one of the simpler clever costumes you can put together this year.

The honey badger, for those who haven't already experienced the awesome viral video hit, is basically a giant skunk with sharp fangs, a meaner face and a Chuck Norris-like appetite for snakes, particularly cobras. So basically, all you have to do to make your honey badger costume is be a skunk minus the tail and ability to clear rooms faster than a Dallas Cowboys fan on a three-day chili bender.

Here's what you do:

1. Start by wearing all black, preferably full sleeves to get the full effect. Then either dye or spray the top and back of your head white and color the rest in black to get the full effect of the honey badger's fearsome color scheme.

2. Get some plastic vampire fangs, which are cheap staples of just about any costume or party supply store these days.

3. If you're willing and able to go farther to complete the effect, paint a large white stripe down the back of your black shirt.

4. Bring along a rubber snake to gnaw on to drive the bit home.

5. If all else fails, grab a cheap Pepe Le Pew costume.

If you're not willing to ruin a good set of clothes for a simple joke or just don't feel like dying your hair for a laugh, you can buy a simple skunk outfit, which are practically on clearance racks by this point. Then simply add the fangs and rubber snake prop and you can complete the same effect.

Etsy also has a ton of homemade skunk suits, mostly for women and small children, that could easily be converted into honey badger outfits. There are even some for your dogs (because they haven't suffered enough).

Happy Halloween! And remember to be extra surly while trick-or-treating. Honey badger don't care!

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