As the weather starts to cool off, I start thinking about planning a fall or winter trip to one of Montana's awesome hot springs. Sitting in the steaming hot water, sipping a beverage while the snow flies is pretty much my idea of relaxing.  Everyone knows about the popular spots in Montana: Chico, Fairmont, Norris Hot Springs, Four Corners Hot Springs.  According to, there are 15 public hot springs in Montana (some with pools and hotels/resorts).  Looking at the list, I think I might have to check out a couple of these spots that I didn't know existed in our state.

So, how does Montana rank compared to other states and their number of hot springs?  Not as high as I thought.  We come in at #9, with 61 recognized hot springs.  Here are the states that have us beat:

  1. Nevada 312
  2. California 304
  3. Idaho 232
  4. Wyoming 132
  5. Oregon 126
  6. Utah 116
  7. Alaska 108
  8. New Mexico 77
  9. Montana 61
  10. Arizona 60

View a map of all the hot springs in the USA here.

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