Well, this has been an interesting and informative day!

Reddit Never Fails To Amaze

In browsing Reddit today, looking to see what I missed over the weekend, I came across a post announcing the start of a "new' subreddit for Montana Nudists. Certainly have my attention with that kinda headline... so I dove in, and learned things about Montana I never knew.

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Letting It All Hang Out

The new subreddit, MontanaNudism, is certainly an eye-opener. For a state that is quite... reserved... with its lifestyle, I was taken aback by reading the things on this subreddit.

Now, I'm not one to judge anyone. I'm purely shocked this thing even exists in Montana... and somehow it took 31 years of my life to hear about it!

Take A Little Dip

I think darn near every Montanan knows about Lolo Hot Springs and the majority of what they offer us. 

However, in reading the Reddit post, I learned that Lolo offers a special night for those who like to... let it breathe.

On Sunday, from 9 PM to Midnight, Lolo offers you the opportunity to skip the bathing suit and speedo... and go in free-bird style.

I Had To Know

I didn't believe it, so after calling Lolo Hot Springs Pool and chatting with the attendant working... the kind gentleman told me that, yes, they DO offer this experience for guests on Sunday, from 9 PM to Midnight... and it's extremely popular.

Well then. You learn something new every day.

Want to learn more about Lolo? Click the button below.

What are your thoughts?

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