Any of us who grew up with Jurassic Park have likely considered what it would be like to have a pet dinosaur.

While most of us would prefer something like a Brontasaurs (a herbivore) it would definitely be cool to have one of the more aggressive dinosaurs.

It turns out I'm no the only one that has dreamed of owning a dinosaur, but unlike me, one person is no longer only dreaming of owning a dinosaur...they actually have one.

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"Stan" is a 40 foot long, 13-foot tall T.Rex that until recently resided at the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research in Hill City, South Dakota.

Apparently, his former owners, two brothers, had a falling out and as part of the court settlement, they were forced to put "Stan" up for sale.

At a Christie's auction earlier this week "Stan" was sold to an anonymous bidder for the price of 31.8 Million Dollars.

To put this cost into perspective, until this sale, the most expensive dinosaur in the world was 8.4 Million Dollars

"Stan"  IS an exceptional T.Rex with 70% of the full skeleton (that's 188 bones) he is among the most complete T.Rex specimen in the world. Based on information gathered by Paleontologists "Stan" died around the age of 20 and was a fierce fighter.

Generally, specimens of this size and quality are purchased by foundations or museums to be displayed for the benefit of others.

Because "Stan" was purchased by an anonymous bidder it is unclear whether he will be shared with others, or if he is destined to become part of someone's private collection in their home.

You can watch the sale here.


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