Billings was once home to lots of animals, many of which are so old that they don't exist anymore. So, when you find a fossil or old bones or teeth, it's extremely fascinating. But, unless you have knowledge of these things, you end up wondering which animal the fossils or remains belong to. Someone online right now is having trouble identifying one such animal based on some remains they found. Can you help figure it out?

It Looks to be a Tooth of Some Kind

The tooth was found north of Billings by the Reddit user "elkshedsonreddit" and measures about an inch in length. Looking closer at the tooth reveals extremely tiny serrations on the tooth, indicating that it may have been used as a sawing tooth or something similar.

The post was made on a subreddit that is dedicated to identifying fossils, so many people have already attempted to figure out who this tooth may belong to. One Redditor thought it could be the tip of a theropod tooth which may have been a part of the Judith River Formation. Others think it's a tyrannosaur tooth, due to the serrations on it.

What Animal Do You Think This Could Be?

It's definitely not an herbivore, based on the necessity of a serrated tooth. I'm leaning more toward the idea of it being a tyrannosaur tooth. But, I'm not really an expert in determining animals based on remains or fossils. This is exactly why I've posed the question to you all.

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What animal do you think this belongs to? You could really help out this Redditor, as well as me because I'm extremely curious about this. If you don't have a Reddit account, just let us know on Facebook!

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