Nowadays most of the meth that makes it into Montana is mass produced by manufacturers in Mexico. It's sent across the border by the literal truckload to dealers who eventually run it up to Montana. It can be made ridiculously cheap on a large scale. The days of home meth cookers are (thankfully) not as common as it used to be.  Once the Feds made it more difficult to purchase precursors like Sudafed pills, it really cut down on the number of amateur cooks.

So, how do you know if you live next to a meth lab in Billings? Or, if you've purchased a house that was formerly used to cook meth? Unfortunately, the state only keeps stats on homes and properties that have been busted. So knowing which house in your neighborhood is an active lab can be tough to know.

Finding out after the fact is much easier. The Montana Department of Environmental Quality has an actively updated list of every residence or property in Montana that has been busted. There are 18 in Yellowstone County.  Access the PDF list HERE. Also if you are buying a home, homeowners are required to disclose if they know the house was a meth lab and if the home has been remediated.


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