Late Friday afternoon, the Yellowstone County Employees Union came to an agreement with Yellowstone County, ratifying a fair contract.

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Ending in 2027, the Yellowstone County Employees Union bargaining unit employees will receive salary increases throughout the entire contract term. If Yellowstone County raises starting salaries to fill vacancies, existing employees below the new starting salary will be brought up to that new level.

The ratified contract promises to keep talent on the job, and Yellowstone County running smoothly.

YCEU President Katie Cosby shared:

Bargaining to this fair agreement was not easy, but it was made possible through the resiliency and strength of our union. Yellowstone County Courthouse employees are more unified than ever, and today we celebrate salary increases reflecting how hard we work for everyone in the county.

Also, Montana Federation of Public Employees President Amanda Curtis said:

There is strength in numbers. Everyone should take note of how much progress is possible when we flex our union muscle. The bottom line is that Yellowstone County Courthouse Employees want to keep serving the public, and they went to the mat to get the dignified wages they deserve to get their jobs done.

ICYMI, you can catch up on the events leading to this decision by clicking one of the buttons below to articles from the past few months.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited to see Yellowstone County pay fairly to existing, well-trained, employees? Let us know in AppChat or on Facebook.

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