This week, the World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale kicks off on Thursday, flooding the Eastern Montana town of Miles City with Cowboys & Cowgirls from all across the US!

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Now, if you are like me, you've seen and experienced your fair share of Bucking Horse weekends... but what if you wanna watch from afar? Maybe you'd prefer not to end up on National Geographic?

Well, years ago when I was growing up in Miles City... there was a project known as the Miles City City Camera... and that project, although in a different form, lives on today... allowing all to watch and see Miles City get wild and rowdy for Bucking Horse Sale.

Miles City LIVE

It kinda reminds me of the TV Show Big Brother on CBS... how these days, you can pull up their website, and check in on the house cameras anytime, you may see behind the scenes, or something a bit risqué!

Simply visit, and you've got the 24/7 live feed of Main Street, Cowtown, USA.

Events You'll See On The Camera

Now, one benefit to this camera is seeing events in Miles City... without being there. For me, that means saving a 4-hour round-trip drive to town! Sure, I enjoy visiting the hometown now and again... though, I prefer to check in from afar.

For example, this Thursday is the kickoff for BHS 2023! Though, the Downtown Camera won't have much action. Most of the action will be at the Eastern Montana Fairgrounds, for Mitchell Tenpenny in Concert.

Though, on Friday and Saturday nights, the street dance will be the main attraction. Plus, don't forget the Bucking Horse Sale Parade on Saturday at 9:30 AM sharp!

Here's the complete BHS Schedule:

Will you be attending the Bucking Horse Sale? Or are you staying home, and watching from afar? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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