A few months back, you may remember our article on the Miles City School Board trying to oust the current Ag-Ed teacher, Todd Lackman.

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This was an extremely heated discussion for the city, so much so that the school board was overwhelmed with the community response in person. In the end, thanks to the support of the citizens of Miles City... and the legendary Jack Larson... Todd Lackman was retained as the Ag Ed Teacher for Custer County District High School.

If you didn't get a chance to read that article, I would strongly encourage you to. It shows the passion for Agriculture in Eastern Montana.

A Legend Rides Away

It was announced on November 1st, 2023, that Jack Larson... the former long-time Ag Education teacher for Miles City... has passed away at 66.

According to the Northern Ag Network, back in 2022, Miles City held a benefit to help Mr. Larson with his medical expenses in fighting cancer.

No details seem to have been shared past that event, though when we saw Mr. Larson at the School Board meeting, he was what we all would expect. Extremely passionate about Ag Education in Montana, and willing to do what it takes to keep the kids learning.

To read the many wonderful tributes to Mr. Larson, click the button below to visit Stevenson and Sons Funeral Home.

Thanks for caring so much about Miles City, and Ag Education, Jack. We'll miss you.

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