First things first, we do want to give a heads up to our friends in the Three Forks area. A flood advisory was announced Sunday night by the National Weather Service office in Great Falls due to an ice jam. Check out more information in the tweet below.

As we gear up for the first business week of the New Year, I imagine the water cooler conversation Monday morning will be about how cold it got during the holidays (and how much warmer 15 above feels after you felt 15 below).

Below we also have some of the 7-day forecast temperatures listed for the NWS Great Falls coverage area.

But how cold and windy did it get over the New Year holiday weekend? I know when I picked up one of our kids from the movie theatre on New Years Eve it was 14 below zero in Billings, and that was without the wind chill.

On Sunday morning, January 2nd, the National Weather Service office in Glasgow noted this:

The temperature at NWS Glasgow rose above zero at 520 am this morning for the first time in 6 1/2 days. The last time the temperatures was above zero was Dec 26 at 516 pm.

As for the wind, peak wind gusts over the weekend were clocked in over 90 miles per hour near East Glacier. Fergus County also saw a peak wind gust nearing 80 miles per hour.

If you missed the bitter cold over the New Year, don't worry- it is coming right back later this week. The National Weather Service office in Glasgow is forecasting wind chills in Northeast Montana down to -42 in Opheim, Montana Tuesday night.







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