They had their entire 2020 season completely wiped out, but the Missoula Paddleheads have wasted no time in 2021 showing off their baseball skills to the other teams in the Pioneer League. They're still the team with the most wins in the overall standings for the season, and on top of that, the games have just been a great hub for the community this summer. There's always something going on at Ogren Park, whether it's Thirsty Thursday, Woof Wednesday, or any number of other promotions.

And now, it's looking like the Pioneer League is expanding, and the Paddleheads will soon be facing some direct competition from another team in Montana. The application has just been approved to start a new team in Flathead County, which has yet to be named but looks to begin playing in 2022. They plan to construct a new ballpark north of Kalispell off of Highway 93.

There are currently eight teams in the Pioneer League, including a few others from Montana in cities like Billings and Great Falls. Next year, there will be ten - in addition to this new team in Flathead County, there's also a new team being developed in Northern Colorado.

So what does this mean for Paddleheads fans? Likely, it means a little more variety in the games - a little more team rotation is definitely a good thing. And it means they'll have to find more goofy cartoons to place on the scoreboard to make fun of the other team, which is probably the most exciting thing about all of this.

It's interesting to see the Pioneer League growing like this after losing their affiliation with Major League Baseball. Have you been attending Paddleheads games this summer?

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