This weekend marks the kick off of big game hunting in Montana. Archery season is all about camouflage. You dress up like a bush, crawl though a bush, and if your like me, you are allergic to the bush. But, it is necessary to get in close to your prey. Now imagine sneaking up on your prey in a luxurious Lincoln limo. Rolling down the window and politely asking if the deer would like to be served with some "Grey Poupon." Followed by you and your hunting buddies parading around town with your trophy strapped to the hood, disco lights on and the music blaring. If this sounds like a fantasy. Feast your eyes to the glory that is a 1995 Lincoln Towncar Limousine, complete with a full Mossy Oak camouflage wrap.  Yes....It's FOR SALE!

According to the seller, Keegan Nicholson

This rig comes decked out with after market speakers and external Amp and 120v power inverter in the trunk as well as a built in fog machine for the main cabin
Most of the interior lights still function and a couple accessories need new fuses, privacy glass hvac and partition wall all work as well as the intercom phone and other features too detailed to count.
The rig has been well used so its a bit rough around the edges, but the engine runs strong and the power train is still in great shape!
It also has some other fun features .Including a working disco ball, and a fog machine plumbed in from the trunk to fill the cabin with fog.

MT Camo Limo

What more could you ask for?
Not to mention, you could be living in the lap of luxury for the low low price of $3000 OBO.
If interested in making your dream of owning a camouflaged limo come true, reach out to Keegan (

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