I miss my old pickup.  It was so easy to work on.  I could reach everything underneath the hood.  If I need a part, I would just go to the auto parts store and grab it off the shelf.  Fast forward today.  I drive a 2012 Dodge Ram.  One of my headlights went out.  In the old days, I would run to the store and pop that sucker in.  Now I have to youtube a video to find out how to even access the "headlamp assembly".  Some helpful videos say you have to take off the grill, others say no you don't.  I ran down to the auto parts store to get the headlamp.  I had to tell them the year, make and model, 2x4 or 4x4.  Once they got my headlamp for me, I got home with anticipation of tearing apart the front end of my pickup. (which I did with relative ease). Then I find out they gave me the wrong size headlamp.  Good thing my wife's vehicle was there so I could run back down and get the right size.  I miss my old pickup, except it didn't have a back up camera.  I had to use the rearview mirror and common sense.

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