I bought my new Christmas present this past summer, a 1967 Ford F-250.  Actually my wife talked me into it.  It will be an upcoming summer project.  I went out today to start it up and it had me thinking about what kids wanted for Christmas. One of my co-workers wanted a "Stretch Arm Strong" when he was a kid. As a kid, my mom bought me one of those cheap BB guns and when you fired it, there was an immediate rainbow of the BB coming out of the gun. I seem to remember I shot my sister with it.  Let me clarify, she was about two blocks away from me. I wasn't trying to shoot her, and the BB skipped on the street about seven times before it hit her.  In my mind "no harm, no foul."

I bought all of my kids the usual stuff: EZ bake oven, dolls, sports equipment and so on. As my kids got older it was harder to come up with ideas for presents. Three of the four are grown and on their own and now I'm a grandpa.  I get to start over again with my grandkids now.  Back to dolls, toys, games and they can come ride with grandpa in his 1967 Ford F-250.

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