How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. We once had a girl respond to that question with, ‘What’s a polar bear?’ Either she was the best troll ever or she was dumb as rocks. We’ve found a new ice breaker that is going to become a national sensation. You thought Suck ‘n’ Blow was intense, this one might end up in a worldwide baby boom pandemic.

The girl at the 0:36 mark is a PROFESSIONAL. She assumes the position and even crosses her legs because she knows what kind of damage that can do to our Don Johnson. Of course, she doesn’t look thrilled about it – maybe because her partner tends to get carried away? Or maybe she’s just hot-doggin’ it. Like been there done that – NEXT OBSCENE SEXUAL CHALLENGE!

“Hottest girl award” goes to the Blondie at the 2:09 mark. She might be underage — they might ALL be underage — but once it’s a group setting and adults are present and everyone’s smiling, we have to assume it’s street legal. Too bad she and her boyfriend / brother are weak sauce. Talk about two submissives. He tries but he’s still worried about hurting her. Push comes to shove, we’d go with the PRO over the blondie. Long term, though – training her would be life-changing.

Last but not least, the MILF at the 3:16 mark. Poppin’ the ‘loon with her heel. Clever girl. Makes you wonder what other tricks she has up her skirt. It boils down to PRO vs. MILF. The MILF most likely knows shortcuts that could end up being embarrassing. Gotta go PRO on this one.

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