As promised earlier today in my article on all the games played at the Flakes Trip Giveaway, I've worked through the day to get the video from Saturday night at the Rhoadside Event Center ready, and online, for you to enjoy!

I Don't Know... I Don't Know...

One thing is certain. Two days later, and I still have Jimmy Buffett's "Volcano" stuck in my head on a loop, thanks to the Flakes. It was a BLAST in Huntley for this event, and for it being my 2nd Flakes Trip Giveaway event here at TSM Billings, it was by far the best!

You can check out the entire video below, now.

Also, don't forget to check out the photo gallery below of the festivities at the Rhoadside Event Center in Huntley!

Thank You, All!

Thanks again to the staff of the Blue Cat Bar & Grill, Rhoadside Event Center, and Travel Cafe for helping make the Flakes Trip Giveaway possible every year!

Plus, a big thank you to all the local businesses who hosted us for the Trip Qualifiers the past few months across Billings.

Don't forget, Flakesgiving officially kicked off at 8 AM TODAY! For all the details on Flakesgiving (When, Where, How To Donate, How To Get A Box, etc.) click the button below.

Remember, if you can donate to help fund Flakesgiving, it would be greatly appreciated. Or, if you want to help in another way, you can simply volunteer on Friday and/or Saturday! All the details are on that link.

2023 Flakes Trip Giveaway At The Rhoadside Event Center In Huntley

We had a BLAST in Huntley this year. Enjoy the photos of the shenanigans!

Gallery Credit: Josh Rath

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