This past Saturday at the Rhoadside Event Center in Huntley, just down the road 10 minutes from Billings, The Breakfast Flakes (Mark Wilson and Paul Mushaben) gave one lucky couple an all-expenses paid trip to Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya in Mexico!

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If You Missed It...

Doors opened at 6 PM, with a big line outside, and registration for the party kicked off at 7 PM. Finally, Mark & Paul took the stage at 8 PM sharp to start the fun and shenanigans of the Flakes Trip Giveaway Party!

Now, this year, we streamed the entire event LIVE on Twitch, for those who simply couldn't make it to the event. And, we recorded the entire thing. If you want to watch the entire show from start to finish, we'll have another article out later today with that video for you.

Until then, here's the recap of the games from the Flakes Trip Giveaway in 2023!

Game 1 - Art Class with Paul

Paul asked the contestants to draw a portrait of their spouse in 2 minutes. For many, that could be hard to do in an hour, let alone 2 minutes. But, they got it done! Take a look!

Game 2 - A Colorblind Gal's Nightmare

Actually, this game is simple. Open the Skittles bag, and sort out the color Mark asks for. This year, he wanted all the Yellow Skittles. Sure!... But, Mean Ol' Mark picked a gal who is COLORBLIND. Nice one, Mark.

Game 3 - How Well Do You Know The Flakes?

If you have listened for years and years, you would be a champion at this game. And, those who paid attention the whole night would get question #2 right... as it was super easy.

Game 4 - Just Blow On It!

Blow the ping-pong ball across the beer cans to the end, and win. Easy, right? Well...

Game 5 - How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?

From easy questions... to one that I'm sure got a few put in the doghouse for the night, this was one fun game.

Game 6 - Oreo! Oreo! Oreo!

Paul LOVES this game that Mark came up with. Just look at that face at the beginning of the video! Though, for one contestant... their mustache was making sure they did not win.

(Note: We had a technical issue with our up-close camera during this segment, but don't worry, it is fixed by 1:40 into the video.)

Game 7 - The Dreaded Pant Relay

It may not be dreaded by the guys, but the ladies got a chance to move a frozen zucchini from one pant leg, up over the "I Don't Know" (as Paul says), and finally back out the other pant leg... and then reverse it. Don't blink, or you'll miss it!

Thanks to everyone for coming out for the Trip Giveaway! We hope you had fun, and the full video will be posted later today!

Also, enjoy the photos from the party below!

2023 Flakes Trip Giveaway At The Rhoadside Event Center In Huntley

We had a BLAST in Huntley this year. Enjoy the photos of the shenanigans!

Gallery Credit: Josh Rath

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