Tom Petty Dead at age 66.  I'll come back to that.  What the hell is wrong in this world?  50+ people killed in Las Vegas and 500+ hurt from some A**hole, who opened fire from the 32 floor in a hotel looking over a music gathering.  That story is the I woke up to this morning.  As a dad who tried to explain to my young children about 9/11, even this one throws me.  It Pisses me off that less than 12 hours after the fact that we have people making it political.  Why are people so ticked off?  Is it because they have this social media vehicle.  This object that can't hurt anyone, ( the computer) is just like the gun, I guess.  The gun doesn't hurt anyone until it is in someones crazy hands.  Now Back to Tom Petty.  What the hell?  He was only 66, found flat lining.  I am getting grumpy and pissed that great humans and musicians are dying.  As I take a breath after today's horrible news, it made me realize that....we all have a short time on this earth.  Great musicians like Tom Petty, or the people in Las Vegas who enjoy music.  Life is short.  I pray for all the families in Las Vegas and I pray for Tom Pettys" family.

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