Just announced by the Billings Chamber of Commerce & The City of Billings, along with Visit Billings & Big Sky Economic Development, direct service flights from Billings Logan International Airport to Las Vegas... Phoenix-Mesa... and Portland will remain through the 2024 fall season!

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Up First: Allegiant

Allegiant announced their direct service flights from Billings to Las Vegas and Phoenix-Mesa have been extended now through the 2024 fall season (through September). In October, Allegiant will be expanding their direct service flights to FOUR times per week, which ends in mid-November.

This comes just after the recent announcement of direct, seasonal flight service from Billings to Los Angeles, beginning this spring.

Jeff Roach, Director of Aviation and Transit, at the Billings Logan International Airport, said:

At BIL we celebrate the expanded air service announced by our existing airline partners. This addition demonstrates confidence in the travel demand spurred by airport infrastructure investment, as well as, continuing economic development and increasing tourism activity in Billings and the surrounding region.

Tickets are available NOW for this flight service, from Allegiant directly on their website and app.

Second: Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines also announced at the same time the extension of their direct flight service from Billings to Portland, now through the end of 2024. Previously, services were only offered for part of the year.

Tickets are available NOW for this flight service to Portland, from Alaska Airlines directly on their website and app.

What are your thoughts?

Do you regularly fly to these cities? What other direct flights does Billings need? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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