Well, yes and no...

The City of Great Falls just announced a reminder of the rules and regulations of parking or storing of campers and RV's within the city limits.

Some people choose to live in campers an RV's within city limits rather than living in a car or truck. RV's and the like are considered vehicles in this case of course, so there are things one has to abide by to take up shack in a recreational vehicle.

It boils down to where you are parked and how long. As per the rules:

Per the city ordinance:

Effective March 15, 2022, it will be unlawful for any person to park a recreational vehicle, trailer or vessel upon the public right-of-way in any residential zoning district except for the limited purpose of loading and unloading, which shall be limited to a period of no more than seventy-two (72) hours in a seven (7) day period.

There are not any laws against sleeping in a vehicle in the state of Montana. However, One cannot live in a camper or RV on any specific property within city limits for more than 5 days at a time. One can get around that by living an RV park, and registering the RV as a living space.

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Unzoned areas like out-of-town farms and properties are legit to live on. So, If you have a buddy that has land, you can set up a spot.

Other obstacles can be HOA's and police tapping on your window from time to time for welfare checks, HOA admins might have more of a problem with someone living in an RV or camper than police will, so check the neighborhood rules and get a feel of how the environment is and most importantly be respectful.

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