Backup Generators & Portable Power Stations to Weather Any Storm
If you’ve ever been left in the dark during a strong snow or thunderstorm you’re well aware of just how precious electrical power is. With winter in full-effect (and stormy spring/winter and active hurricane season just months away) now is a great time to purchase some portable back-up power options for your home so you’ll never have to be that guy scrounging off your neighbors during a state of emergency. Prepare to stay calm, cool (or warm) and connected with these highly-rated, best-selling generators.
Let’s Celebrate
It's Labor Day weekend.  There are plenty of things to do when you live in Montana, Camping, Fishing, BBQ, Family Picnics, Boating.  Unfortunately this year we have to deal with smoke and fires throughout the state as well.  I saw a statistic today that said close to 600,000 acres have burned in Montana...