So far this Summer I've sprayed no less than 6 nests full of things that sting. It was getting to the point where my kid didn't want to go outside and play. There were yellow jackets in the stone walkway, wasps in the gable ends and hornets down in the basement windows.

As far as nests go, we've had about double what we typically get. I'm not sure if it's just luck of the draw, or if I'm being cursed with some biblical plague. Whatever the case, they needed to die. I picked up some deadly foam spray with a 25 foot range at the hardware store and went on a killing spree.

The foam stuff is great because you can see it covering the nest and you know they don't stand a chance. However, running like hell is still advisable, especially if you're spraying during the day when these things are active.

What's your preferred method of insect execution? Have they ever gotten the best of you?

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