What is risk free for 30 days?  I was watching TV the other day and the announcer said, "Try it risk free for 30 days." I looked at my wife and said what is risk free?  Why is it only 30 days?  Now, I know that my wrench has a 30 year warranty. What is risk free for 30 days?  When I hit 32 days am I in trouble?  Did I take that enzyme, use that paint, buy that damn car sham and now am I screwed?  What does "risk free mean"?  If I used the toothbrush for 15 days and it hurt my molar, can I send it back?  After day 32 it is not their problem?  I wonder if "30 days risk free" applies with children that you have, jobs you have accepted, or marriage. Just wondering.  Give me a response in 29 days.

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