Today, Marky Mark of the Flakey Bunch asked Montanans if they still play video games, after crushing the competition this weekend on his Super Nintendo in Frogger. This particular article resonated with me, as I am the big gamer here at TSM Billings these days... and I wanted to share MY game choices to beat the competition.

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Mark mentioned back in his day, he would visit the mall in Great Falls to play video games at the new arcade. Those days it was Defender, Asteroids, Centipede, Frogger, Dig Dug, Pac-Man, etc.

These days, we don't have arcades as much sadly. And those that we DO have, probably wouldn't take kindly to an old man such as myself (30) visiting and destroying the high score of some kid on Mario Kart racing.

So... what do we do these days? Well... I've got one monster of a PC setup at home, and it plays any modern game you throw at it. Just... don't ask me the price, because I don't want to think about it.

What does that get you? The most vivid, realistic, gaming experience possible through a monitor. But... what do I use it for mostly?

Minecraft. And writing articles.

What is Minecraft?

For Mark and those wondering, Minecraft is a simple game based on blocks. Almost EVERYTHING in the world is a block, and you have the freedom to create at will. Though, with this uber-powerful PC, I don't just punch wood and farm wheat. I play Modded Minecraft, with machines, quests, bosses, and more. An example of the "mod pack" I am playing right now is below:

And yes, I play this with friends. It's pretty fun if you ask me!

What other games do I play?

Call of Duty. Satisfactory. Diep.Io. And Fortnite. Which, here's a clip of myself and a friend a few years back absolutely destroying an enemy team... who were hiding in a porta-potty.

It's a big mix of what I play, and I own nearly 200 games for my PC alone. So this is what we do these days. No need for quarters... and the price of entry has certainly skyrocketed.

As for Frogger and all the classics... I have those too. And I think we need a Mark VS Josh competition on Frogger and Mario Kart.

What are your thoughts on gaming? Let us know on App Chat or Facebook.

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