Almost a month ago, while visiting Candy Town USA over on Shiloh... I came across the Jelly Belly "BeanBoozled" game... and just HAD to buy it. Why? Because torturing my coworkers is paramount to me... and this just seemed right.

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You're more likely to get a "bad bean"

This game comes in a variety of forms, however, I chose to get the big tin with a spinner on top. More beans, more fun! What could an unlucky person get?

  • Juicy Pear or Booger
  • Buttered Popcorn or Rotten Egg
  • Toasted Marshmallow or Stink Bug
  • Pomegranate or Old Bandage
  • Cappuccino or Liver & Onions
  • Tutti-Fruitti or Stinky Socks
  • Peach or Barf
  • Birthday Cake or Dirty Dishwater
  • Berry Blue or Toothpaste
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie or Dead Fish


One Month Later, I Got Everyone

After trying to catch everyone that works here at Townsquare Media Billings... I finished my list today with The Breakfast Flakes, and when I tell you it was worth the wait... it was WORTH the wait.

Here are the BeanBoozled results!

  • Travis Lee, Montana Talks Producer
    • Old Bandage
  • Aaron Flint, Montana Talks Host
    • Stinky Socks
  • Michael Foth, Mix 97.1 Morning Host
    • Strawberry Banana Smoothie (And on an impromptu round two this morning... he got Cappuccino)
  • Karen Gallagher, Townsquare Billings Market President (OG KG)
    • Dirty Dishwater
  • Heather Marxer, Finance Wizard
    • Berry Blue
  • Bill Stewart, TSM Billings Director of Content
    • Old Bandage
  • Kristina Kuntz, Account Executive
    • Booger
  • Rachel Helgeson, Former Digital Managing Editor
    • Dirty Dishwater
  • Lacey Sullivan, Account Executive
    • Lacey couldn't stop at one. 1st, Rotten Egg. 2nd, Dirty Dishwater. 3rd, Berry Blue.
  • Mark Wilson, The Breakfast Flakes
    • Barf
  • Paul Mushaben, The Breakfast Flakes
    • Booger

Honestly, looking back at it... I should have filmed Mark Wilson's reaction. He spun around for a garbage can faster than anyone in this building. Though, Paul Mushaben simply ate it and said "I've tasted a lot worse in my time"... makes sense for a farmer.

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever BeanBoozled your friends? Did you know such a game existed? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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