We've got some gorgeous rivers in the state of Montana, and people should be able to enjoy the rivers however they'd like. People go floating, fishing, and boating up and down the Yellowstone River all the time during the Summer months; I've also been known to enjoy a float down the Yellowstone. But, there's a potentially dangerous activity in the river that people always do. And, it's perfectly legal.

I'm Sure Many Have Done it Before. I Know I Have.

If you haven't gone bridge jumping, some may say you're missing out on a fun time. When I was younger, I did some bridge jumping into a canal in my hometown. However, I was forbidden to do anything involving any actual river, because the currents could have swept me away. In fact, that's not the only danger that can come from jumping from a bridge into a river.

There isn't a good way to know how deep river water is unless you're a professional. This means that jumping into the river can lead to injury from rocks or other debris that could be just below the surface of the water. If you are in doubt, or just don't know for sure, law enforcement generally discourages bridge jumping.

However, Bridge Jumping Isn't Illegal.

There are no laws in Montana banning the activity, as long as you aren't jumping onto somebody else or are bridge jumping on private property. It's actually extremely popular as a Summertime activity. So, if you do go bridge jumping, you won't have to worry about getting in trouble with the law. Just be careful of the other hazards that may lie under the water.

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Have you ever been bridge-jumping? It's an absolute blast, just make sure to be careful. I don't want to see any news articles next Summer talking about folks getting injured doing it.

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