It's time for another edition of JP's Netflix Picks! I comb through the abyss that is Netflix's large (and often crappy) catalog to bring you all some gems that you might find worth sitting down and taking a look at. This week it's one of the funniest shows on Network Television, 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'.

The show focuses on 'The Gang', a group of friends who own a bar in Philadelphia. Each episode focuses around one or more ridiculous (and hilarious) incidents. One of the best descriptions of the show I've ever read was "It's 'Seinfeld' on crack", and I couldn't agree more! Around season 2 they also added actor Danny Devito to the full time cast as well. Mr. Devito's character, Frank Reynolds, takes debauchery to unimaginable levels!

This show had a very slow start, it's first two season came and went on FX almost completely unnoticed. In fact the only thing that probably saved the show was the popularity it gained in the Video on Demand market. At the time iTunes was the de facto resources for television episodes on the Internet. Thanks to it's somewhat underground popularity and the network FX's willingness to keep going we now eight seasons of the show. Seven of those which you can view on Netflix right now!

I'd love to recommend some specific episodes or seasons but honestly I it would be very hard for me to narrow it down beyond "just start at season one episode one". There are some amazing gems in every single season, so...just start at episode one of season one.

Here is a great clip collection of the show that highlights how awesome this show is: