"The Year of The Dog" is a new, inspiring film that will be playing soon at our own Missoula Roxy Theatre. It was filmed in Montana, and it's benefiting our local animal shelter.

It's always a bit refreshing to learn about films that feature Montana and are actually filmed in Montana. You would be surprised at how many movies have a Montana plot line, and then the film company uses Canada or another state to actually shoot the film to avoid taxes. 

Then there is "The Year of The Dog". A new film will be featured at our amazing own Roxy Theatre in Missoula.

The film features a down-and-out alcoholic, Matt, who makes a promise to his mother to stay sober for 30 days so he can visit her in hospice. Matt decides to stay with his AA sponsor on his farm to clean up when he meets Yup'ik, a stray Husky dog with some tricks and a quirky personality. Together with the support of his new friend and the surrounding Montana community, Matt can keep his promise.


This film checks a lot of Montana boxes in my opinion. First, we have a very high rate of alcoholism and binge drinking in the Big Sky state. It's a state that comes together to help friends and neighbors, however. If You pair that with a loyal dog, and you can pretty much overcome anything.

The Film will be playing at the Roxy Theatre in Missoula from February 24th - March 9th. Also, the filmmaker will be donating a portion of the ticket sales to our local Western Montana Humane Society.

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