I don't get it, but they say it's true. The Journey and Toto concert for Wednesday is sold out. Yup. Sold out.

I don't get it either, but apparently, that late '70s and '80s music really resonates with people. It's even more shocking to me because it's a Wednesday night show. If you think of all the events at Metra in the past that have sold out, I would have never put Journey in that category.

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I remember when Garth sold out four shows, but technically they weren't. Each show had about 9,000 fans. Neil Diamond sold out his first show. I believe Elton John's concert was a sellout, and if my mind serves me well, I think Cher was also a sellout. I seem to recall that the big Dinosaur show also was a sellout a few years back. This is a tough market to sell out, especially in the summer.

Many years ago, Lawrence Welk and Bob Hope both sold out. I think that sellouts don't require every single ticket to be gone, though. I remember speaking in front of President Bush when he came in 2001; it was a complete sellout.

Now, when using different ticket companies to sell tickets, they may have unsold tickets that are never purchased. So they just end up eating them. I mean, even on Super Bowl Sunday, you can still get a ticket if you are ready to pay the price.

So nowadays, a sellout doesn't necessarily mean a sellout. In fact, I think if you would look hard enough, you could still probably get a ticket to the SOLD OUT Journey concert...

See you tomorrow at 5.

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